The Tahrir branch is located directly overlooking Tahrir Square itself. Here, an abundance of services that reflect the dynamics of living in Cairo can be found, meeting the various needs and wants of everyday life for absolutely anyone. Within a few minutes walking distance from the branch is our accommodation and in addition to this, a number of centres of culture such as the AUC Downtown Cultural Centre, with its bookstore and art gallery, the Goethe Institute, and of course the renowned Egyptian museum. A myriad of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants dot the surrounding area, making this place a hustling centre for the cooler evenings of the Egyptian summer. For those who prefer to prepare food, there are also grocery stores and supermarkets with fresh fruit and vegetables, all a short walk from the Tahrir branch and the accommodation. The metro station of Sadat is on the junction for the two main lines of Cairo, linking Tahrir to Maadi, Giza and Ataba, which is on the border with Islamic Cairo and the famous bazaar of Khan al-Khalili.
The branch’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere coupled with all the necessary facilities such as Wi-Fi, reference books and small kitchen with coffee and tea create a sociable learning environment for our students where more individual relations with teachers can be easily fostered.


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