Klemens Pehsl

My time at the
school and in Cairo was short but intensive and I liked it a lot, so I
really hope to come back in the future.
European students might get a cultural shock if they come to this area
in Cairo, but I guess by leaving ones comfort zone one learns most and
the school was an absolutely welcoming place where the student can
relax from any cultural shocks +smile+
The students accommodation was not the best but just fitted in the
area and I liked it a lot. All in all it was amazing and interesting,
I learned a lot and recommend it to everyone who is open to learn
about Cairo or the Arab world and culture.

Carina Vogelsberger

I'm absolutely satisfied
As I usually prefer in-class courses, I was quite sceptical of whether I should try taking Arabic lessons via Skype. However, I feel like I learned a lot throughout these first months and really enjoy my lessons. Especially if you have a tight schedule, Arabeya is extremely flexible in accommodating your needs.

Samirah Mohamed

I really like the school. All teachers I have had were awesome and i
loved them all for their humour. It does not take long to feel very
comfortaلاle and welcome here. Everyلاody is friendly and polite
all the time, especially the women who are usually in the kitchen seem
to have a lot of fun with the students and i am pretty sure that no
one could ever not like them. Also the receptionists are very helpful
and kind. You have well educated staff and it is a لاig advantage
for every student to have a لاeautiful garden like yours to change
some thoughts with other students and as well to chat with the
teachers. Even though the school is very expensive (I hope your
teachers get at least well paid!), I guess it was worth it. I improved
my araلاic a lot.

Lilian Haege

We loved our time here, it didnt feel like having to go to school but spending time with good friends. The school is more like a small family including teachers and students, so a great atmosphere to study and spend time in Egypt.

kaja Kuthy

I really loved our time here at arabeya school. The atmosphere is so great and all the teachers and the staff is amazingly friendly and so helpful.


Great language school: nice teachers, good coffee

Nelsi Pelinku

I loved studying at Arabeya Language school. The teachers are very professional and focus on the student's specific needs. I can really recommend it!