I was very happy for my time at arabeya, and I felt that I progressed very fast with my individual class. The school specializes in individual teaching which makes them very skilled in this field.

Astrid Kudahl

Very good one to one classes
Arabeya has very good one to one classes. The teachers are every carrying and helpful. I sometimes had problems with the planning of my classes, because the teachers canceled several times on the same day, which sometimes were frustrating. But all in all a very good school.

Theresa Laugesen

I warmly recommend Arabeya's one-to-one Arabic classes with their highly engaged teachers.

Ivar Herlev Soerensen

I liked the school very much

I liked the school very much. It has been exceptionally useful for me.

The two weeks of study have efficiently helped me regain some of my arabic proficiency.

Mads Ellgaard Knudsen

very organized and work professionally
I have been very pleased to attend classes at Arabeya in Muhandiseen. The staff are always smiling, welcoming and eager to help out. It is a lovely place to be and they are very organized and work professionally!

Cecilie Noer

The school has great teachers. They are all
The school has great teachers. They are all
very friendly and funny which creates a unique atmosphere. Moreover,
they are very creative in their teaching method and encourages the
students to study more. After joining this school, I feel more
confident and motivated to continue my Arabic studies. I also feel
that I have progressed a lot in a very short time.

Isma Rafiq

This was my second both going too the school and staying in the accomodation in mohandeseen. Alone the fact that I came back should tell that I'm overall satisfied. Everybody workingh at the school is very kind and very helpful. The ones of the teacher I have expierence have been very competent and I have no major complaint about the education. The appartment I stayed in is very nice. Don't expect luxury, but It has what you need and was was clean when I arrived. Whenever something is out of order, staff is very quick to fix it if only you let them know. Mohandeseen it self is also a nice neighborhood. There not nearly as many tourist as downtown, which also means people teat you more as a regalur human being. I give this school my warmest recommendations, and I look forward to coming again to continue my arabic studies at the soonest possible chance.

Mads Fugl Bjerregaard

This is a very good school I have been studying here twice and had two different teachers and both of them have a very high quality of teaching. I will definitely recommend this school to others.

Jane Sepstrup

I have been very happy about going here, it's very convenient with the metro from (Maadi) and when you arrive you are always met by a friendly face at the front desk.
I took one to one classes and was very satisfied to be able to decide what to do with my time. when I came the first time I started the next day, very effective!

Christina Hedegaard

I've been to three different language institutes in Egypt and this is the best, I've tried. The teachers were excellent, the school is very professionally run and on top of that there is a very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Michael Lund

I've attended several schools in Cairo, but Arabeya is the best, I've been to. All the teachers I had were very good at tailoring a program that suited my needs perfectly. Very good at teaching Media Arabic which is very useful for journalists.

Michael Lund

I liked the place a lot. The people were very nice and the teachers very good. I had a lot of fun here, and they did what they could to make my schedule suitable for me.


Very good school especially according to the prices. Good with focus on one-two-one classes, much appreciated.

Astrid Kudahl

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